Weezer. Again?!

Hey Musos.

This is a correction about Weezer.

A certain someone, he set me right. 

‘El Scorcho’ has a couple of lines taken directly from someones essay assignment while the frontman Rivers Cuomo was at Harvard University.

What a name, right?

The song I confused it with was called ‘Across The Sea’ which apparently is lovely also.

The whole album is very personal with moving lyrics and intriguing backstory.

‘Pink Triangle’ is about a girl the front man met, who he thought was a lesbian, and she thought he was possibly gay, and they had a misunderstanding, and unhappiness ensued.

For him at least.

Weezer are great. They are also on the new Muppets Album.

Being informed is great!

You’re great!

Party Hard


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