Gender Equality

Sup, friend? Feeling good?

Feeling any pressure from ‘society’ to be a certain way?

Thin, pretty, quiet, thankful, tan, white, unchanging, straight, straight laced, masculine

What do those words even mean?

Forget that! Lets play a game! So many questions, maybe just pick one to begin with.

Try to think of a perfect way a woman can be represented on screen. Can she be smart and pretty?

Or would being pretty undermine her smarts? Can she be sexy without being objectified?  Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire doing both, right? Can you agree on any examples of perfect female role models? What about male?

Does caring make you a feminist? Is that bad? Some people don’t like the word. Where are we at? Are things OK?

Those are mostly female focused questions. So lets play Round 2.

Should men be expected to get just as much paternity leave as woman get? Is it not as bad if a man is in an abusive relationship?

It is important to ask these questions. The Beauty Myth  by Naomi Wolf is a powerful book that lays out, with examples, all the ways out culture delibrately convinces women they aren’t good enough. For profit. This sounds like a kooky conspiracy theory, and she’s got all the proof and numbers. It shouldn’t really come as such a surprise.

 Think. This is a recurring theme. I love you.


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