Hey Pal!

Graffiti + Dinosaurs, right? These two photos are off walls in Dunedin.

Street art is great. Its impermanent and often communal.

Its a great mix of “oh man, you’re breaking the LAW!” and well, making a place more visually engaging.

It brightens dreary spaces, libe defunct shops, or abandond buildings.

It can even cover entire abandoned towns. This quiet 10 minute, pretty and simple video The Ghost Village Projectis about a group of 6 artists who painted an abandoned town.

The few shots of there work are lovely, and their project is a great idea. It plays like an extended introduction, and doesn’t really cover any details.

I’m not sure if the 10 minute video is their main feature, since there is a trailer that has some footage that I didn’t see.

Please someone tell me if there is more.

At any rate, their sentiment is lovely, they wanted to make this abandoned eye sore a new and exciting place for the locals.

Those clever folk are the Agents of Change, and they have a Flickr.


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