Pro Tip: Flossin

Hey there, Sunshine!

Lets get our serious business on.

Lets talk about Dental Floss. Why? Because its important. Teeth are the window to the soul kissing.

How would you like an Animated Guide?!

Do it, the 5th picture down looks kinda naughty! You’ll know the one.

Flossing keeps your gums healthy, and helps remove plaque. Less gum disease, more strength to keep those pegs in place and straight.

We’ve all seen mouths that are full of that skummy brown/black tinge round the edge of the tooth. And while we don’t judge people, its not a sign of healthy teeth. Flossing takes your tooth brushing further. Plus it takes like a minute.

Essentially, wrap your length of floss round your middle fingers and use your thumb and index to guide the floss between your teeth. Just like your dentist showed you that one awkward tuna-breath time.

I love you, and your teeth. Lets keep ’em clean!

If you will, I will. Do it for the kissing.


Flatmates: Here and Gone

Welcome, Friends.

Flatmates are pretty fun. They help with costs and spare you the crippling pain of knowing no one would notice if you fell and couldn’t get back up. They cook, and provide excuses for you not to just have toast every night. They are friends who have seen you in all conditions. True friendship test =  passed.

There are, however, undeniable perks to the flatmates being gone.

Here are a couple of the best.

One. This is simple.

No. Pants.

No pants makes many of the other perks even better! Loud music, cool.Loud pantsless music, more room to dance. Other benefits include less time having to get dressed after showering, being comfortable, laughing at belts.

Two. Feel free to disagree with me here, but only if you’ve tried it.

Peeing/showering with the door open.

Woah, I know. Liberating. Slightly more embarrassing if there is a surprise return of your unsuspecting roomies, but the risk just heightens the gain.

What perks do you find living with/without people?


Good day, treat-lovers!

Guess what?


There was SO much love in this kitchen it turned into a cake person!

Oh the things that hand went on to ice

T had a birthday. There was rainbow cake. Iced rainbow cake. Best day ever?

A pink shirt for the handsome fellow. Black pants to be added. Everything about this cake was fun. The shopping. The mixing. The cooking. The recipes were well and truly tested and suited for their purpose. No crumbling, and so moist and delicious.


The recipe came from I Am Baker where the deliciousness is mind blowing. Such mastery and inventiveness in cake. She makes pictures INSIDE the cakes. INSIDE. Wow.

Take a squizz for inspiration. Cake says love so well.

I saved some for you

Put it in my mouth!